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Considered a stone of Resolution, Rhyolite is best known for its balancing effects and assistance is making determinations. It is acknowledged for assisting in fulfilling one’s goals and making one’s dreams come true, allowing one to find their right path on their soul level.

Rhyolite balances the feminine and masculine energies when the goal is to help the lesser energy become more prevalent in the life of the more prevalent energy, which in turn will ignite one’s potential as well as their creativity.

As a balancing stone Rhyolite is often recommended to working with issues of emotional strength, self-esteem and anxiety. It will allow one a deeper meditation, bringing strength to the body, soul and mind as one balanced being. It is said to integrate the past with the present (balancing) to heal past life sticky energies, while increasing self-esteem, which leads to full acceptance of one’s self.

Creating tranquil energies it assists in eliminating anxieties and worries, aids in allowing one to express themselves well in the wake of problems, granting greater emotional strength, which will stimulate insight into solutions and alternatives other than those that have been easily recognised. This makes Rhyolite a perfect stone to carry when facing known confrontation; not just for the open insight but also eliminating distractions and procrastination.

Rhyolite allows one to build and be open to hope when feeling stuck or stagnant in life; shifting ones energy and bringing encouragement to move forward with our innate dreams. When looking at the stone one may feel a freshness of change, being able to visualise the variety and progress in life; thus casting off the old and moving forward with a new brightness and joy in the heart.