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Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years as protective talismans, to cure ailments and to restore balance to the mind, body and soul. When worn or used near the chakras, or energy centers of the body, the healing power of crystals helps to release trapped and negative energy. This enables the body to both heal and strengthen itself. There are numerous varieties of healing crystals meanings, each possessing its own unique vibration, color, shape and healing energy.

The earliest records of healing with crystals were found in transcripts from Indian Vedic texts, going as far back as 4000 BC. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt wore healing crystals on their headdresses and around their necks as amulets for protection and to make them a better ruler. King Tutankhamun’s infamous gold mask was embedded with both Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli healing crystals. The Ancient Egyptians also used to pulverize crystals and mix them with liquid to make elixirs to help heal and cure certain ailments. They used bloodstone to help with bleeding and lapis lazuli for restricted circulation because of the healing crystals meanings.

Healing crystals can help with a vast variety of common conditions and physical issues, plus they make a fantastic addition to your home! For aches and pains, try yellow jasper and amethyst. For addictions, try smokey quartz. For back trouble, try wearing lapis lazuli healing crystal jewellery or placing lapis lazuli stones on your back. Placing crystals for healing around your home ensures a healthy flow of energy while adding accents of color, vibrancy and life-force energy. Not only do they make wonderful gifts, but they cleanse and purify the energy of your home, filling it with positive energy and light. Our crystal healing products do not just include crystals, but so much more. Combining your crystals with energy tools such as candles, smudge sticks and incense can greatly increase and magnify the crystals healing power. Click here for more info on how crystals can assist you.

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